Pencil Drawing: Made Easy, The Basics of Pencil Drawing: How To Draw Using Pencils (Drawing for Beginners, How to Draw,Ultimate Crash Course,Guide to Drawing Book 3)

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Pencil Drawing for Beginners

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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to gain proficiency in drawing and especially the pencil drawing and sketching. The mentioned field comprises of vast degree of assortment and innovation. If you start learning about drawing it will unveil you, with every passing day, showing up a new and innovative element. Pencil drawing demands focus and sharp observation but on an objective ground, it has certain standards and procedures which need to be understood. If you are also interested in learning and starting drawing, then this book is surely for you.
For an artist, the canvas of drawing and domain of learning is infinite. For those who claim that an artist is born by birth, there are surely many examples when all the renowned artists claim to get an inner instinct while they are drawing. For those who claim that drawing can be learnt, there are also living examples. Although in reality, drawing capabilities are backed up by some hereditary and genetic factor yet there are certain techniques and procedures which are particular to the field of drawing which can be used by beginners and essentially need to be learnt.This book will guide you with that basic knowledge which will enhance your artistic upbringing.
From what you learn here I can almost grantee if you apply it to your sketching/drawing practice in general it will help and improve your skill level. In just a few months you will be in a better place than where you are today.

Here’s A Few Examples Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Equipment and materials for Drawing
  • Major Techniques of Drawing
  • Making a Pencil Drawing
  • Drawing From Memory
  • Holding the Pencil Correctly
  • Observing and Recording
  • Positions for short strokes
  • Positions for broad strokes
  • With a lot more

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Here’s What Others Are Saying…

Alyssa:Pencil drawing is another activity my Dad and I have been getting in to. In this case, I am the more experienced one so I was looking for a book with some new techniques. Some of the things the author suggested here were useful, in fact I use a lot of the techniques he mentioned myself already. This book was a good one for beginners, someone who is relatively new to pencil drawing. I will be sharing this one with my dad as well.

Charles Drewek: I’ve been working on improving the aesthetics of my backyard lately and I find myself sketching on random bits of paper all the time. I would describe myself as an artistic person being able to use Photoshop and Illustrator but I really have no idea how to draw. This book is a great beginner’s guide to the basics. It’s very detailed and the images throughout the book are helpful. It will definitely help me continue to mentally map out what I want my backyard to look like. I’d recommend this as a solid start for beginners.

Joseph Wilson When I found myself in the midst of artists, I knew in my heart that I could either learn to be like them or make the decision not to. Since I’ve got no other choice than to be with them for a while, I decided to take the high road and learn how to draw. I’m glad I found the right book.

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