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Drawing Made Easy: How to Draw from Observation and Imagination

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Do you want to get better at drawing? Maybe a lot better? If you're an adult who's dusting off the old pencil case or a precocious young person just starting off, then this book is made for you. In the same easy to understand and fun to experience style as Perspective Made Easy, Robbie Lee shows readers, step by step, the basic drawing skills they need to build a successful base on which to build any style of drawing expertise. Topics include:
  • Basic techniques and sketching with more control (When do you draw with your fingers? Your wrist? Your whole arm?)
  • Materials (Do you really need "drawing" paper? What's up with all those varieties of pencils and erasers- does it really matter?)
  • Tips for varying line weight and enhancing a drawing with texture
  • How to shade a drawing with contrast and clarity (so it doesn't end up a gray mess)
  • Shading flat vs. curved surfaces and grounding objects with cast shadows
  • How to draw what you're looking at, from a picture or from real life
  • How to visualize shape and form (Sounds mystical, but it's real and really important, and it's in Chapter 3.)
  • How to draw people from imagination (head, hair, hands, feet, and the whole figure)
  • Perspective drawing- boxes, spheres, and cylinders and how to foreshorten them and put them all together
  • How to fit people, objects, and backgrounds together into a scene with believable scale and depth
  • Tricks for how to draw typical background elements like mountains, trees, and clouds
The simple language and graphic novel approach makes it all fun and easy, and includes over 20 step-by-steps for everyday stuff like eyes, hair, furniture, wood grain, cities, rockets, disco balls, castles, sushi dinners and more.

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