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The Throbbing Moon and the Three Season Tango: A Memoir

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What does it mean to be told in your life’s prime this time the cancer is terminal? For author Michele Wheeler – a gifted scientist, a born leader and intrepid environmentalist, and a caring mother, wife, sister, and daughter – it means you focus what strength, intelligence, and will you have remaining to offer the world yet one more extraordinary gift.

The Throbbing Moon and the Three Season Tango is a stunningly beautiful, viscerally penetrating, and unforgettable gift to us all, regardless of our backgrounds or beliefs and regardless of whether or not our lives have been touched by cancer. 

The memoir of a magnificent woman who, at the end of a life that has changed so many lives for the better, asks us all to see the beauty in one another. And the memoir calls to a deeper belief in ourselves – that whatever disappointments, anguish, and uncertainty life brings – we have the strength and ability to summon gratitude, compassion, and acceptance to see our way through. Our better angels are already here.

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