Broken to Brave: Finding Freedom from the Unlived Life

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"Have you ever thought about your last day? Where it would end? And how you would end it? I answered these questions, and now tell my story in hopes you never consider questions like these. Ever."

You get the one you need…
Choose BRAVE. Choose to be… YOU.

While the chemo dripped, Teresa shivered as she replayed the words, "you have cancer." A wife, mother, and school principal, her life would irrevocably change in ways more damaging than the chemical toxins pumping into her veins. From a prison cell of vulnerability and with humor and poise, Teresa shares her roller coaster ride from hopeless imprisonment through cancer, loss and depression, self-sabotage, and suicide to courageous freedom from her unlived life.

Broken to Brave challenges you to consider
–your perception of time;
–who surrounds you during change and struggle;
–extending grace to yourself;
–your power to choose.

If you or a loved one are chained in a prison of an unlived life, Teresa helps you
–recognize self-destruction warning signs;
–embrace reality and accept your purpose;
–acknowledge your strengths with permission to grow;
–find your keys to start living in the moment without the weight of the past and future.

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