macOS Catalina USER GUIDE (2020 EDITION): The Complete Missing Manual To Operate And Install MacOS 10.15 software Like A Pro With Step By Step Practical Guide On Troubleshooting Common Problems

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MacOS Catalina has a number of new features, capabilities, and necessary updates that will greatly enhance your MacOS experience. Some of the most stirring remarkable highlights include Sidecar, which permits users of Mac to utilize new age iPads as an auxiliary display, and Project Catalyst, which permits iOS 13 and iPadOS developers to easily port their work to macOS 10.15.

Now, this book: macOS Catalina User Guide (2020 Edition) familiarize you more on those features. It also walks you through the process of installing MacOS 10.15 Catalina using the bootable USB Drive method instead of updating your Mac with Apple’s default installation package, which preserves existing user data in all user-installed apps.

This guide book has been arranged to suit everyone, beginners, pros and current users of the macOS operating system.

What you will learn from this guide includes the follow:

•How To Install macOS Catalina On A Separate Partition

•What Is A Hard Drive Partition?

•Catalina File System Explained

•Remember To Make A Backup First

•How To Create A New Partition On Your Mac

•How To Download Catalina

•How To Download Catalina Via Software Update

•How To Download Catalina From The "Mac App Store"

•How To Install Catalina On Your New Partition

•How To Switch Between Partitions

•How To Do A Fresh Installation Of macOS 10.15 Catalina

•Compatibility Check

•Reboot And Installation

•Relocated Items in macOS Catalina Explained

•What Are Relocated Items?

•The Relocated Items Folder

•How To Delete The Moved Items Folder

•How To Repair A Corrupted macOS Installer

•How To Back Up Your iOS Device On Mac Using Catalina

•How To Encrypt A Backup Of An iOS Device In macOS Catalina

•How To Watch Picture-In-Picture Videos On Your Mac

•How To Use Picture In Picture On macOS

•How To Use The Image Shortcut In Safari 13

•How To Play Music In The Music App For Mac

•How To Use Apple Music In The Music App For Mac

•How To View Your Music Library In The Music App For Mac

•How To Import Music Into The Music App For Mac

•How To Get Song And Album Info In The Music App For Mac

•How To Manage General Settings In The Music App

•How To Manage Playback Settings In The Music App For Mac

•How To Manage Music File Settings In The Music App For Mac

•How To Set Up Parental Controls In The Music App

•How To Reset Alerts In The Music App

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