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Mermaid Coloring Book for Kids Ages 4-8: 40 Cute, Unique Coloring Pages

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40 completely unique mermaid coloring pages for kids ages 4-8!

Get ready to frolic with a posse of cute mermaids and all of their sea creature friends! In this collection of delightful scenes, mermaids find sunken treasure, discover pirate island and spy a unicorn. We find mermaids exploring and playing in the ocean, on the beach, at their sea castles, and even napping in an oyster shell with a pearl for a night light. There are plenty of rainbows, stars and fun, happy creatures to color. Share the fun and magic of mermaids with a special child! This coloring book is a great screen-free activity to stimulate a child’s creativity and imagination. It makes a perfect gift!

About this mermaid coloring book:

• Contains 40 completely unique coloring pages. There are NO duplicate images in this book.
• The pages are single-sided to prevent bleed-through, and so that pages can be removed and displayed without losing an image on the back.
• We have carefully designed each page to be entertaining and suitable for children in the 4 to 8 year-old age range. We have avoided overly-intricate designs as well as overly-simplistic ones. We believe children of this age love coloring fun scenes that fire up their imaginations, not a book full of simple shapes.
• The pages are a nice, large 8.5×11 size.

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