Coding HTML: Crash Course To Learn HTML & CSS Language From Scratch. Discover The Art Of Computer Programming Design And Code Your Own Project.

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Do you want to learn programming in HTML with a crash course and in simple way?

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Have you ever heard about HTML? Are you curious about it?

There are quite a few web development languages in use today.

The top three well-known languages are HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. This book will be your guide in knowing these languages, which can give you a strong base and help you improve to become a fully-fledged web developer. 

Websites are created for different purposes, depending on the target audience. Some are made for selling products, and some are just for providing information. Web development tools provide companies with a platform to create their web presence. Websites give them visibility with a broader audience. To develop a site by their requirements, businesses hire developers. Designing a website can include anything from simple programming to network security, adding content, or web server configuration. 

The process of planning, creating and laying content, intended for the Internet is known as web designing. The crucial thing about modeling a website is to develop a fascinating site and apprehend the attention of the clients or people visiting the website.

The book covers:

  • Fundamentals Of HTML
  • HTML Styles
  • All About Links, And Forms In HTML
  • Frames, Colors, And Layout Of HTML
  • How to Put Images in HTML?

And so much more!

Being a smart web designer, however, is not something that you become overnight. It is a learning process that starts right here! This book contains almost everything that a newbie needs to know about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you want to redesign your business or company website or are just interested in building a revenue-generating website, you’ll find this detailed guide both informative and instructive.

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