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Teams is an Office 365 App designed to improve visibility of information by consolidating it all into specific topics (Channels) similar to a project plan and tasks. Once defined, all information is placed in one location which will help you understand everything you need to know about a Project. Each Project Team will define groups of people to work together and view information in order to communicate with everyone on the Team. Project Teams can offer multiple Channels or subtasks to provide information on a focused objective. This centralized information, collected in a specific Channel (subtask), will be valuable for an existing Team as well as New Members.

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This Step-By-Step Workbook will teach you how to create a Project Team, Channels (or subtasks), create a Chat environment to ask/respond to questions, store Project documentation, schedule meetings, evoke Video Meetings with the Team (similar to Skype), Record Video Meetings, store meeting notes to the Channel(subtasks), Chat with anyone in the enterprise (company), build Teamesite (Team Website), consolidate all communications on one centralized location, and make internet phone calls from your computer!

When Teams is not used information becomes disjointed because it is stored in different Email folders and Shared server folders throughout a company. Also, the downside of not using Teams is that everyone on the Project Team will receive different bits of information, status reports, and different levels of Project updates. In other words, communication information would be scattered, not stored in one place, and new Team Members will have a harder time getting up to speed. Microsoft Teams is designed to improve the visibility of information and allow increased collaboration of ideas.

Another major concept covered in this manual is a Teamsite. This is a Sharepoint Site that contains a resource pool of information for a department, Project Team, resource pool, book club, or just general use. A Teamsite can be created from each Microsoft Team Project and can contain a Central Team Calendar, Blog, Documentation, Text Page (to explain a process), Task List, or whatever you wish to post for the Team. This Teamsite will provide information for the Project Team and others that are not defined as Team Members. This manual will specifically cover the basics of how to develop a Teamsite but is not intended to go into Sharepoint development.

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How the Workbook is Designed
This Workbook contains over 70+ step-by-step practice exercises to help you get up to speed quickly and understand each concept. The commands and features are very similar to previous versions and differences are documented where appropriate. The following link is a Video Clip explaining how the Workbook has been designed and how to use it most effectively.


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