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My Eye Fell Into The Soup: A Memoir Journal / Living With Stage Four Cancer (The Cancer Journals Book 3)

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"I regret to inform you that your pain is due to cancer," said the doctor.
Can there be an announcement more chilling than being told you have stage four intraductal breast cancer? Hard to imagine.

My Eye Fell Into The Soup, a poignant book about living with stage four intraductal breast cancer, offers a glimpse into a time when the disease began to loom larger every day. It was a time in a couple’s life that was difficult to live.

This memoir, via journal entries written as events unfolded, takes us through the process of coming to terms with the diagnosis and the struggle to survive and finally to adapt.

Especially poignant is its glimpse in the life of a happy couple, much in love after three decades, facing the end of their lives together. My Eye Fell Into The Soup, a phrase derived from a dream written in Martha Blowen’s journals, is a story of courage and of the deep plunge into the psyche when "real life" happens unexpectedly.


~ "…a courageous book."
~ "… eloquent and most inspiring to see the public sharing of a life, love and loss. "
~ “…direct, clear and sensitive writing.”
~ "The writing almost took my breath away!"
~ "The relationships in this memoir is portrayed honestly and vividly."


My Eye Fell Into The Soup focuses on two years in Martha’s life when she had a recurrence of the intraductal breast cancer that had first afflicted her 14 years earlier. In this memoir’s pages, you will find a story of courage and love, a story of strength and support.

In this book you will also read about
~ searching for a healer rather than a mere technician.
~ making sense out of changing family relationships necessitated by an advancing cancer.
~ learning to live with altered functions within a couple’s life where 50-50 doesn’t work any more.
~ experiencing what it felt like to be a talented artist who now languishes rather than make her art.
~ appreciating the searing beauty of the life they once had and hope to have again.

But My Eye Fell Into The Soup is more than a rough ride through the country of illness. You will observe moving scenes of life daily life:

~ the fox following the hay thresher in the newly-tedded field, hunting for field mice.
~ the glazed show that reflects the full moon’s light.
~ the octogenarian neighbor who needs help with daily life.
~ art making at snatched moments.
~ a mother whose descent into dementia must be taken into account.
~ young adult children just setting out in life who must now confront mortality..

These—and more—detailed stories, told artfully and insightfully, will keep you reading long past when you should be asleep.

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