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Hudson Durable Goods – Heavy Duty Waxed Canvas Work Apron – Black

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Product Description

HUDSON DURABLE GOODS brings high-quality work aprons to the common folk with top-notch service & support.

We believe in products that are built to last. Whether you are a woodworker, barista, blacksmith, or grill-master, we recognize you take your craft seriously and your tools are no joke. We get it though, the boutique quality stuff is really expensive, so we focus on durable materials and functional designs, with no excess frills, to give you a lot of bang for your buck. Why not protect your wallet while protecting your clothes, right?

By supporting us, you are supporting the “little guys”. As a small, family-owned operation, I literally work with my toddler at my side. We sell direct to consumer to give you quick delivery and personal customer care. We all win.

Our line-up is constantly evolving, so be sure to check back in with us.


DURABILITY – Invest in a rugged apron built for your demanding craft

Designed for a timeless feel, our product’s stylish details are as carefully considered as
the rugged materials we construct them from. We believe in products that are built to last. 

Durable & water resistant 16 oz wax infused canvas Rugged material wears and softens over time for a personalized feel Rivet reinforcements on pockets Metal grommets  Double reinforced stitching on pockets and straps

FUNCTION, COMFORT + STYLE – Your apron is a tool and your tools are no joke

Built for practical use with professional styling because you take your trade seriously. 

Cross-back (x-back) straps spread the weight of tools to prevent neck strain 2 large tool pockets (6.5 inches tall x 8 inches wide) Chest pocket for cellphone/pencil/tools (4.5 inches tall x 4 inches wide) Kangaroo pocket (large hoodie-style hand pocket) Black canvas and gun-metal hardware for a low-key, unisex, professional look  

VERSATILE SIZE – Whether “Big & tall” or 5′ 3″, this apron offers broad coverage & a custom fit

Full coverage bib from upper chest to knees measures 27 inches wide x 34 inches tall Long tie straps accommodate up to 50 inch waist Customize the height of the bib with X-back straps

MAINTAINING YOUR APRON –  Your apron can last for years with the proper care

Regular cleaning not only enhances the appearance of your garment but removes dirt and abrasive materials that can cause premature wear. Regular cleaning can also prevent dirt build-up from becoming deep irremovable stains.

To prevent the breakdown of the wax finish do NOT:
Machine wash Clean with warm/hot water Clean with detergents/solvents/bleach Dry clean Machine dry or tumble dry ​Scrub aggressively To clean:
Shake or brush off dirt, saw dust, and grit Hose off or sponge wipe with cold water only For additional cleaning, soak and gently massage spots using cold water and castile soap  Thoroughly rinse out soap Hang dry in warm room for 24 hours
Most waxed cotton garments will need refinishing at some point depending on frequency of use. Uneven, shiny or dry areas, or where moisture no longer beads, is a good indicator to rewax those specific areas. On top of prolonging the life of your apron, rewaxing will also revive the fabric color and bring back a uniform look. It is not necessary to rewax the entire garment unless the entire wax finish has been jeopardized.
To refinish:
Be sure that the garment is clean and dry Use Otter Wax, Martexin Wax, or any other fabric wax Lay apron on a flat work surface (protect surface if necessary) Apply the wax sparingly with a soft, lint-free cotton cloth or brush Spread the wax evenly for a uniform look Work it into the fabric in a circular motion Use hair dryer to heat fabric and wax to facilitate a smooth and thorough application Do not coat the surface too thickly or it will not be able to absorb it all Seams and worn areas will require more wax Heat from a hair dryer or laying in the sun can facilitate the absorption into the canvas Wipe off excess wax and hang garment to dry in a warm, well-ventilated area The next day, wipe off any excess oil not absorbed Apply more wax to areas that still appear shiny or dry Note – You may notice a waxy odor after waxing. It will air out after a few days. It can also be removed by placing your apron in a freezer overnight.

Built to Last – Build quality that imitators can’t match! Handcrafted from water resistant & rugged 16 oz waxed canvas. Reinforced with heavy-weight gun-metal grommets and rivets. Double stitched tool pockets and thick top and bottom hems for strength and structure.
All-Day Comfort + Customized Fit – Prevent neck pain with our adjustable cross back strap design. Full coverage bib apron is 27 inches wide x 34 inches tall for unisex sizing (recommended for 5′ 2″ or taller individuals). Grommets + long straps allow for a range of adjustments up to a 50 inch waist!
Versatile Tool Pockets – Large, easy access tools/accessories pockets in front (8 x 6.5 inch each, accommodates carpenter’s square). Quick access cell phone/pencil pocket on front chest. Large “kangaroo” style hand pocket. Hanging loop on back of bib.
Professional Style – Low profile design without bulky pockets at your waist. Sleek matte black color for a professional look. Functional & stylish gun-metal grommets and rivets.
Broad Use – Tool apron with pockets, utility apron for tool shop, shop apron for carpenters, woodworkers, woodcraft, woodturning, woodshop, workshop, machinists, man apron, tattoo artists, bartenders, metalwork, light welding, metalsmith, blacksmiths, gunsmith, lathe, woodturners, baristas, butchers, brewers, painters, men’s apron, woodworking tools, safety gear, apron for men, protective clothing, etc. Unique gift for guys and fathers.


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