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Drawing Set, Leather Pencil Case, Mechanical Drawing Pencils for Artists with Refills and Kneaded Eraser

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Making Art Inevitable! Artists: Is it your goal to sketch every day? Well its our goal to provide you with a quality, convenient Art Set to keep you sketching. Whether its in your favorite coffee shop, on your first trip to Paris, or even to help you be on time to your favorite life drawing group, our litte Drawing Mechancial Pencil Art Set and Case is light weight and easy to grab and go.The pencil case leaves plenty of room for your favorites along with whats included in the kit. The mechanical pencils are self feeding (click to extend) and metal (no cheap plastic barrels here). Leads are 2mm, a favorite among life drawing artists for the ability to make fine lines, and when holding at a 45 degree angle, make bold lines and charcoal esque shading techniques for large shapes. Included pencil leads cover a broad value range from 4H to 5B. And of course the friendly kneaded eraser for those rare times your pencil makes a grumpy mistake:)

ARTISTS – Do you love sketching every day? Do you want the convenience of having your whole kit together and close at hand? Do you love the feel of leather & quality metal pencil in your hand?
THE ULTIMATE SET – The MstrSktch drawing mechanical pencil set comes with 3 aviation aluminum pencils gray scale anodized to indicate lead value. Sized 2.0 mm with a click to extend brass clutch mechanism
2MM MECHANICAL PENCIL LEADS: 3 Sets (Qty: 12 ea) – HB Leads to meet the majority of drawing challenges. 5B Leads are FRAGILE, specialty use leads. Rarely made as 2mm leads because they break so easily, but are worth the challenge because of the rich darks they offer and the charcoal esque texture when applied flat. 4H Lead are the hardest and lightest in value, great for subtle details and shading gradations. (different lead hardness is the key to the secret art of shading 🙂
LEATHER MECHANICAL PENCIL CASE: Real Leather outside with suede leather inside. Conveniently sized (even slip in your back pocket!) 4″x7″x.75″
NAIL FILE PENCIL SHARPENER: End cap sharpeners on each mechanical pencil also a small emory board perfect for putting a custom edge on your pencil lead. For example: 5B Lead, sharpen at 45 degree angle across entire lead and extend out only just past metal tip to prevent breakage. HB Lead, sharpen as a long point and extend out 1” or more, experiment holding near flat to the paper for interesting textures and edges. 4H Lead, as the hardest you can sharpen to a needle p


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